Aesthetica Art Prize

Had a trip into York center today to check out the shortlisted works for the Aesthetica Art Prize, that is being shown at York St. Mary’s church. The exhibition has some inspiring film and photography work as well impressive installation work.

Hyung-Gyu Kim Chromaphone II

The piece that most caught my eye was Hyung-Gyu Kim’s, Chromaphone ll (2012),with its ideas around ‘seeing sound’ and ‘hearing colour’. The piece consisted of 5 wall mounted rectangular tubes with a different coloured light in each of them. Each tube is hooked up to a motion sensor which when activated prompts one of the tubes to light and release a note that resonates throughout the space.The interactive motion sensors added a real aspect of fun and I spent a long time amusing myself trying to play tunes through the sensors.

I would definitely recommend a visit, even if you’re not into contemporary art, give it a visit just for a look at the architecture; the clash of the medieval church with the walls of the white cube space creates an interesting dialogue.

Check out the other Aesthetica Art Prize artists at the Aesthetica website


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